Pathway Stone


Pathway is a material that consists of 3/8″ chip rock down to dust (otherwise known as fines) it is ordered as  (3/8-) or pathway.

This material is available in all our colors and is perfect for making those special walkways and pathways around the house or in the garden, it compacts well and creates a smooth even surface for walking or driving. It has similar equivalencies as DG (decomposed granite) however there is very little to no fill dirt in it.



Scalps are another form of product we carry that is called “road rock” and or “scalps” this material has a variety of colors blended with it and has anything from 1-1/4″ rock down to dust (fines) this is a great product for rebuilding roads, filling potholes, or even as a back fill for concrete forms/foundations this is a byproduct from our crushing and is very reasonable in cost and very effective for road building.


Pictures coming soon…